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The danger of the orange juice

עודכן: 26 ביולי 2019

Do you sometimes consume orange juice If you do, you should take a moment to read this

If you quickly Google “orange juice” you will see unlimited results describing the health benefits. They will explain the benefits that drinking large amounts of vitamin C has on your immune system. However, if you ask a Registered Dietitian or a medical doctor, they will tell you that drinking orange juice can be good but is also tricky. You should pay attention to what you drink because not everything that looks and feels healthy is truly healthy

drinking orange juice
Drinking orange juice, healthy or not?

The problem with drinking orange (or any fruit) juice is the huge amount of fructose (fruit sugar) that ends up in your body. It is okay to eat fruits, but once you squeeze or blend them into a juice you compress many fruits together without fully paying attention to how many. When you squeeze yourself an orange juice it is like eating four to five oranges, and each one contains large amounts of fructose. When it comes to oranges, the absorption of the sugar is quick and later on creates fat accumulation in the abdominal area. Therefore, Dietitians highly recommend avoiding orange juice for people who want to lose weight. Moreover, Vitamin C and the other benefits found in the orange usually get less and less effective a few minutes after squeezing. As a matter of fact, a glass of orange juice that was squeezed some time ago is most likely a glass full of sugar only

Registered Dietitians and medical doctors recommend to eat versus drink oranges (or any fruit), while at the same time paying attention how many fruits you eat everyday. When you feel like squeezing a nice healthy juice to help you move on with the day, it is better to squeeze vegetables. How healthy the juice will be...? depends on what you put in the vegetable juice, but for sure it will be healthier and with no extra sugar your body does not need


At Buti and Co. after consulting Dietitians we decided to avoid orange juice (of course) and to create great vegetable juices instead Each combination is unique and refreshing. When we created them we were thinking about the nutrients and the taste

The juices are Green Juice - spinach, kale, cucumber, and apple Red Juice - Beet root, apple, and carrot Yellow juice - Carrot and ginger



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Itamar Badash
Itamar Badash
Jul 25, 2019


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