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What is DbAssistant?DbAssistant is a small, simple application specially designed to offer users a small toolkit to make database related web-development easier.Version 2.1 is to announce the release of the lib folder containing the newly created MySql database driver.What is it good for?DbAssistant has some good functions for anyone who wants to build a website:* Perform CRUD operations in database tables* Generate DDL and DML scripts for database structure change* Make database connection with installed drivers* Export as.SQL scriptWhat's inside:* It has no GUI. Just a notepad like text editor.* It automatically detects existing driver and structure of database.* It can query the database for tables, columns, triggers, stored procedures, views, users, and more.* The data in database can be either MySQL or PostgreSQL.* It is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.* It's free for personal use. For commercial use please contact me.* It supports: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server.* Most of the database structure and functionality can be customized.* Data can be entered as an XHTML form or from file.* It's easy to build a web page and run all tests on it. Just add your XHTML source to the clipboard and then past it into the notepad box.How does it work?DbAssistant comes with multiple tests for verification. Some of these tests are password-driven, but those are used only to authenticate user credentials.When performing a file import using the form import or a file import from clipboard. All data are translated into database schemas. It can import data from some text files or directly from the clipboard using XHTML form. DbAssistant generates an SQL script for you which contains all the data from the clipboard.How to get DbAssistant?All files for Unix (including Mac OS X) are available for download here. For other operating systems they are already included in the ZIP file.Also, you can download the Windows version if you are unable to compile it.Don't forget to download the lib folder containing new MySql driver (libmysql.dll).The installation file allows the binaries to be installed as a console application and to be run from any directory. Windows Installer is also available. The.MSI file should be run using 08929e5ed8

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